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How Did Nepal Become a Global LGBT Rights Beacon?
( 11-Aug-2017 by HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH )
Members of Nepal’s LGBT community were once openly derided as “social pollutants,” but now enjoy social and political rights—including legal recognition of a third gender—that put the country leagues ahead ...
Dancing Against Discrimination
( 10-Aug-2017 by THE CAMBODIA DAILY )
Nuclear War with North Korea Has Apparently Halted Trump’s Trans Military Ban
( 10-Aug-2017 by UNICORN BOOTY )
There are three huge things going on right now with Trump’s stupid ban on transgender military service: 1) It has been halted because of Trump escalating nuclear ...
Building bridges, connecting communities : LGBT rights in ASEAN and more
( 09-Aug-2017 by blogwatch )
Equality of Rights on these day and age has not been completely without prejudice. The Third sex namely the The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) community has not been ...
LGBT rights groups sue over possible ban on trans people in the military
( 09-Aug-2017 by theguardian )
LGBT rights groups on Wednesday hit the Trump administration with legal action in response to the president’s tweets that the US military “will not accept or ...
Australia Set To Put LGBT Marriage Equality Up To Public Vote
( 08-Aug-2017 by DAILY BEAST )
A national public vote on marriage equality looks likely in Australia, after a futile attempt by MPs from the ruling Liberal Party to force a free vote on ...
Australia seeks to resolve gay marriage debate this year
( 08-Aug-2017 by REUTERS )
MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australia will vote in November on whether to allow same-sex marriage, settling a long-stalled debate by the end of this year, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on ...
Learn From the LGBT Community read more:
( 08-Aug-2017 by HAARETZ )
Back when I was a Knesset member I encountered various LGBT organizations. The more I met with their representatives, the clearer it became to me that the attitude toward their ...

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