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Parents of LGBT persons hail right to privacy judgement by India’s Supreme Court
( 30-Aug-2017 by LGBT weekly )
MUMBAI, India — The recent Supreme Court judgment on right to privacy has brought a ray of hope not only for the LGBTQ community, but also their parents. It has ...
Group counters Nashville Statement with pro-LGBT message, calls it The Accurate Nashville Statement
( 30-Aug-2017 by Tennessean )

Some Nashville residents say the Nashville Statement, a controversial document on human sexuality signed by more than 150 conservative evangelical leaders, does not represent their inclusive views ...

Liberal Journalist: LGBT activist undermines arguments for transgenders in military
( 30-Aug-2017 by LIFE SITE News )

The article was prompted by the announcement that celebrity photographer, lesbian Annie Leibovitz, photographed Manning for a spread in the upcoming issue of Vogue magazine.

Manning, who was recently released from ...

Chile legalises gay marriage and allows LGBT couples to adopt as historic new bill signed
( 29-Aug-2017 by INDEPENDENT )
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has introduced a bill to legalise gay marriage, the latest in a series of recent reforms in a country long regarded as one of ...
'Essential rights': Chile's President Bachelet introduces gay marriage bill
( 29-Aug-2017 by theguardian )

The Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, has introduced a bill to legalise gay marriage, a move that follows a string of liberal reforms in one of Latin America’s most conservative nations.


Chilean president sends equal marriage bill to congress
( 29-Aug-2017 by GAYSTARNEWS )

On Monday (28 August), Chilean president Michelle Bachelet sent legislation to congress to legalize equal marriage.

She signed the proposal at a ceremony in the presidential palace.

The law will expand the definition of ...

Same-sex couples in Germany will be forced to act as ‘man and woman’ due to massive error
( 29-Aug-2017 by PinkNews )

The German government has made a major error in processing same-sex marriage.

Despite a swift and clear vote in favour of introducing the equality legislation earlier this year, the new law ...

Radio host claims homosexuals are scaring away US fighter pilots
( 29-Aug-2017 by PinkNews )

Radio host Bryan Fischer has claimed that gay people are scaring trained fighter pilots away from the US armed forces.

Fischer, the host of the American Family Association’s Focal Point radio ...

Freedom to Love is For Everyone: Amish on LGBT Rights, Sec 377
( 29-Aug-2017 by the quint )
Change happens when one is ready for it—be it at an individual or a societal level. And one arrives at this readiness through discussions and debates.
India Organises Its First Transgender Beauty Pageant And We Couldn't Be Happier
( 29-Aug-2017 by mensxp )
here are good things happening around us. There is justice being served everywhere we see and positive changes happening everywhere. One such astounding change we see is the visibility of ...

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