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Indonesia's Anti-LGBT Crackdown May Undermine the Fight Against HIV
( 16-Aug-2017 by VICE )
Amahl Azwar knew all the risks. When he was was a younger man, Azwar was a fan of the Tom Hanks movie Philadelphia—a film about homosexuality and HIV. He also ...
LGBT hospitality venue eyed for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
( 16-Aug-2017 by Bangkok Post )
TOKYO - A Japanese non-profit group said on Wednesday it is preparing to set up a hospitality venue welcoming LGBT athletes and fans during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics ...
India's first LGBT radio show is sprinkling love in the air
( 15-Aug-2017 by indiatoday )
While the imposition of innumerable bans have created an atmosphere of oppression in the country, a radio show hosted by gay rights activist, Harish Iyer comes as a whiff ...
Anti-same sex marriage campaigners accidentally copy bisexual pride flag
( 15-Aug-2017 by INDEPENDENT )

Supporters of LGBT equality have pointed out the logo chosen by a new Australian anti-same sex marriage campaign looks a lot like the bisexual pride flag.

The Coalition for Marriage, ...

‘Coming out to the county’: LGBT of Walworth County plans first Pride Fair
( 14-Aug-2017 by GazetteXtra )

ELKHORNJody Rendall remembers a time when she felt alone.

She was unhappy living as a man, but she kept that information from her friends.

“I was not happy the way I was,” ...

Daniel Jonas is building bridges between LGBT and Orthodox communities
( 14-Aug-2017 by metro )
Daniel Jonas knew from a young age that he was gay—though for a long time he didn’t know what that meant, or what it was; he simply felt like something ...
Harassed LGBT Activists Rally in St. Petersburg
( 13-Aug-2017 by THE MOSCOW TIMES )
While sunbathers lounged on St. Petersburg’s Field of Mars on a scorching summer day, a different crowd wrapped in rainbow flags gathered at the park for a different reason: to ...
Atheism: the latest whipping boy for Malaysia’s pre-election politics?
( 13-Aug-2017 by South China Morning Post )
Arrawdah comes from a middle-class Muslim-Malay family. Well-travelled and fluent in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, he seems the epitome of the moderate Islam supposedly practised in Malaysia.
Trump expected to roll back LGBT protections in ObamaCare
( 12-Aug-2017 by THE HILL )
The Trump administration appears poised to roll back ObamaCare’s anti-discrimination protections for transgender patients, a move that has activist groups girding for a fight. A proposed rule from the Department ...

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