Title : These Russians helped 40 gay and bi men escape Chechnya
Released Date : 11-May-2017
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Information Source : LGBTQ NATION
The Russian LGBT Network, an organization for LGBT people in the Russian Federation, says it has helped 40 gay and bisexual men flee from Chechnya. In an interview with NPR, a volunteer with the organization said that the Russian LGBT Network started a hotline specifically for people in Chechnya who feel threatened. The woman’s name was not published because of the sensitive work the organization is doing. Last month, the Novaya Gazeta reported that the Chechen government was running detention centers where gay and bisexual men were being held and tortured, and at least three of these people had been tortured to death. One of the tactics used by the government to find gay and bisexual men is for officers to pose as gay men looking for sex online, so understandably many gay and bisexual men in Chechnya are wary of telling anyone about their sexuality.
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