Title : On the occasion of Zero Discrimination Day, CCHR publishes a timeline of Cambodian LGBTI history and calls on the Royal Government of Cambodia to introduce Anti-Discrimination Legislation
Released Date : 01-Mar-2016
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Information Source : Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR)
Today - on the occasion of Zero Discrimination Day 2016 - the Cambodian Center for Human Rights(“CCHR”) publishes an interactive timeline detailing some of the major events in the development ofCambodia’s LGBTI rights movement, and calls upon the RGC to introduce legislative protection forLGBTI people as a matter of priority.The Cambodian Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity / Expression (“SOGIE”) Timeline charts theenormous progress made by Cambodia’s LGBTI rights movement from 1994 through to the presentday, by highlighting statements of political support, government actions and legislative changeswhich have impacted the lives of LGBTI Cambodians. In recent months and years, public and politicalsupport for LGBTI equality has gathered significant momentum. As more and more people begin tounderstand SOGIE issues, Cambodia’s LGBTI community is growing in confidence and moving closerto true equality. Today, we celebrate Cambodia’s LGBTI community and recall that all human beingsare born free and equal, and have a fundamental human right to be free from discrimination of allkinds. The Cambodian SOGIE Timeline is now online in Khmer and English.
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